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Divine forms of Shuba Drishti Ganapathi

Lord Shiva:

The golden-hearted Lord Ganapathy is of white radiant splendour. In His battle armour He looks very fierce. As the destroyer of evil forces, as the one who burns down root and branch the effects of ‘evil-eye’ (Kandrishti) with his fiery and reddish Third Eye, that Lord with the golden hued lotus feet, the great remover of all obstacles, appears in His Shiva-Swaroopa. The Supreme Lord, Paramashiva Himself here grants boons as the Shivaganapathy.

In the fiery look of Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy, all evils would perish. Thoughts laden with jealousy would be completely reduced to ashes. Good thoughts would be generated. The country would prosper.

The Lord, the Great Vinayaka who has come to bless the world with prosperity, holds Agni in His hand. With a compassionate heart He burns away in this Agni the effects of all our sins committed knowingly and unknowingly, and blesses us with a fresh lease of good life.

In His Shiva-Swaroopa, Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy would destroy all our sins, remove all our sufferings, destroy the evil thoughts in us and thereby save us all from their clutches and bless us with all happiness and prosperity all through our lives. The world would prosper through our noble services.

Lord Vishnu:

Lord Venkateswara, the Lord of the Seven Hills, the Lord of this Kali Yuga, protecting this world has Himself descended as Vishnu Ganapathy, with the Conch and Discus in His hands.

The Conch is symbolic of the origin of the universe from a single source, God. The Chakra represents the universal mind and also the unlimited power of creation and destruction.

In the Pranava Mantra OM-AUM – the middle letter U is Mahavishnu, A is Brahma, and M is Shiva. Thus, the mono-syllable ‘OM’ is a combination of the three letters or the Trinity. As the middle letter U stands for Lord Vinayaka too, He is also a part of Lord Mahavishnu. That is what the famous Mantra ‘Shuklambaradaram Vishnum Sashivarnam Chaturbhujam……..” denotes

As we continue to worship Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy, we acquire the blessings of Mahavishnu also, the great destroyer of the evils of Kali Yuga.

Goddess Mother Tirupurasundari:

In the cosmos, just as Mother Tiripurasundari is the main cause for all the activities, the Kundalini Shakthi in us is the primordial force of all our actions. That is why the Goddess is also known as Maha Kundalini.

The coiled up serpent, Kundalini, rises up with Her immeasurable Yogic powers and reaches the Sahasrara Padma in the head. All religions have originated from this experience of the Kundalini Shakti uniting with the Sahasrara. That is why the Goddess is extolled as Samayachara Tatpara.

This Shakti takes the form of Agni. When this Shakti is roused, it courses its way upwards like a serpent dancing with its hood spread. The pervasive power is symbolized by the serpent’s spread-out hood, and the concentration power by the serpent’s closed mouth.

Mother Tiripurasundari is the divine form of Kundalini Shakti. That Goddess, who bestows on us all auspiciousness, should be worshipped in the Hridaya Kamalam, the Lotus of one’s Heart.

Therefore, worship of Mother Tiripurasundari who is seated on the head of Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy as the Kundalini Shakti, should convert all thoughts in the mind of good thoughts enabling one to lead a good life. Finally, this brings about prosperity in the world.

Goddess Gayathri:

Surrounding the Kundalini, there is Agni shining with the radiance of the sun. She is Gayathri. She is the substratum of all creative powers. That is why it is said in the Vedas that whosoever worships Gayathri chanting the Gayathri Mantra regularly, gets all his desires fulfilled, and such a one enjoys all happiness in life.

Among Mantras, Gayathri is the most exalted. Among Shaktis, Gayathri is the most powerful.

Since She shines forth as the great radiance in the head region, there is no doubt that one will prosper in life as a result of the gracious look of the Goddess making the worship of Sri Shuba Dristi Ganapathy even more efficacious.

It is the same Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy who showers His grace as Sri Gayathri Ganapathy.

Om tatpurushaaya vidmahe

Vakrathundaya deemahi

Tanno dhanti prachodayaat.

Therefore, all thoughts in the minds of people should get purified for tangible results. The compassionate glance of Mother Gayathri should fall on us and enlighten our lives. That way the whole world should be happy and prosperous.

Shakti Peetas:

The fifty one eyes of the Lord like a beautiful garland stand for the fifty one Shakti Peetas. Through good governance, the fifty one Shakti Peetas protect the world like a shield. As such, when these fifty one eyes of the Lord fall on us, it is as beneficial as visiting and worshipping all the fifty one Shakti Peetas, conferring all prosperity on us, the worshippers.

Goddess Mother Parashakti:

He holds Mother Parashakti’s Trident (Tirushoolam) on the right hand. Mother Parashakti as Devi Simhavahini, annihilated the wicked with the Trident and protected the good.

Mother Parashakti gave the Trident to Lord Ganapathy with the will that those who worship Him would get rid of the three Malas (Impurities) – Anava, Kanma and Maya (Ego, Anger and Illusion) and will be blessed with clear thoughts and a life of piety. Here Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy poses as Shakti Ganapathy.

The Pasa (rope) and Ankusa (club) in the hands of the Lord drive away our ego, discipline the mind, bind it to the sacred name of the Lord and finally merge us with Him.

Without any selfishness our hearts should be filled with lofty ideals like love, affection, truthfulness, sincerity etc., in the service of others. By leading such a life we should be able to find peace in life. This world should be immensely benefited by that kind of unique love.

He is the Veera Ganapathy, Heramba Ganapathy, who, wielding the mace and sword, as the warlord, vanquishes those indulging in wicked acts.

By His grace, all negative thoughts arising in our minds would be destroyed, and positive thoughts would take their place. All the wicked forces that rise against us would go ineffective; we would have the strength of mind and body to quell them. The Lord would bless us with success in all our endeavours.

Supreme Incarnation:

Mahaganapathi in this rare form is the confluence of several incarnations of the Supreme, al rolled into one. Seated on the lion and holding the Triden in His hand, He symbolises Devi Parashakti. He with Agni in one hand and the Third Eye on His forehead reveals that He is none else than Lord Siva. He reminds us that He is an ‘amsa’ of Goddess Mahalakshmi, standing as He does on the lotus. He dispels poverty and bestows prosperity on his devotees. Holding Sanku, Chakra and Gatha, He appears as the very form of Lord Vishnu, assuring protection to the meek and weak. Amritha Kalasa on His crown connotes Lord Dhanvanthri, the dispeller of diseases. The circular radiance round his profound head reminds one of the Goddess Gayathri, giver of all desires. The Mahakundalini, Goddess Thiripurasundari, who could be discerned in His form, is sure to generate good thoughts in mind and lead one in the right path.

Lord Maha Ganapathy has reincarnated now as Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy. He removes the miseries or sorrows of all those who worship Him. Millions and millions of people are being blessed by Him with the prosperity. The cumulative effect of the vibrations caused in His worship not only benefits the worshippers but leads this world to peace and prosperity.

Long Live this world !

Long live love and righteousness !

May truth and compassion unfold !

Let peace prevail in this world !