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Esoteric Significance of Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy

It is known to everybody that right from the Vedic Age down to the present day, Lord Vinayaka is being worshipped as the very basis, the embodiment of Om – the Pranava Mantra. There is enough historical evidence to prove that the worship of Vinayaka is prevalent in all religions.

There is no place without a temple for Vinayaka. Vinayaka temples can be seen aplenty in cities and towns, villages and hamlets. No Deity is being worshipped before worshipping Lord Vinayaka.

It is said in the Scriptures that since Lord Ganapathy is the very form of Omkara, whatever worship is offered to Him or whatever is sung in His praise (Stotra), everything ultimately reaches Brahman – the One Supreme Cosmic Truth – thereby conferring on the devotee the benefit and virtue of worshipping all other Gods.

Etymologically ‘Vi’ in the word Vinayaka means a leader who is nonpareil. Therefore, Vinayaka is the all-powerful, supreme one, As such the worship of Vinayaka is more popular than that of all other God. His worship is considered very important. As the mode of worship is also very simple, it facilitates His worship by one and all.

In this Kali Yuga, the rate at which the day-to-day human problems grow is even greater than the rate of growth of science and technology.

As the enlightened ones and the religious texts say that the basic cause for all human problems and sorrow lies in desire, selfishness and indiscriminate pursuit of needs, one gets the life as ordained by one’s own action or Karma. Every man has a magnetic aura. Just as Shakti or Power is the cause of any creation or destruction, the power around every man serves as good or bad according to his actions. That is why we come across people of different qualities. Though physically all are similar, thoughts differ from person to person.

Man expresses himself through actions. Action originates from thoughts. Thought waves exist as cosmic thought energy or ultimate consciousness force of the universal mind. There is a link between the universal mind and the sub-conscious mind of every individual. It is the universal mind that gives shape or expression through action to whatever commands or fancies are embedded in the sub-conscious mind. Therefore, it is clear that some divine power is operating at a level which is beyond our perceptibility or understanding. As a result, human life continues with civilizational progress, inventions and their useful applications. Therefore, it is also clear that a man is what his thoughts shape him as.

Man, who is basically born of thought waves, also lives in accordance with these thoughts. If only he were bereft of the wave called thought, he will not be a man a tall. Even though he may be alive, such a one will be regarded a being no better than dead.

As every person’s life is in accordance with his thinking, “a man becomes what his thoughts make him to be “, say the psychologists. Therefore, the only way to solve the problems of the modern man is by channelising his thought in the right direction. That alone can do him good which in turn will enable him to lead a happy life. Therefore, in the first place, man should change his thoughts for the better. He should replace evil thoughts with good ones.

Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy has come forth Himself for this sole purpose..

Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy is an all-powerful glorious divine form brought into being with the unique, powerful blessings of Sage Agastya, the foremost among the eighteen Siddhas.

Good thoughts make good minds. Lord Vinayaka alone has the power to bring about this thought transformation. That is why, gathering within Himself all divine powers, He, as Lord Ganapathy, has descended on this earth, as Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy.

He is the one God in this Kali Yuga who has risen for the good of the people, taking this supremely attractive form.

Although He is very strange in His form, He looks much the same as the Heramba Ganapathy whose form used to be worshipped by several kings in the olden days. From the Vedic Age to the present times, there are 32 different forms of Sri Vinayaka.

Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy has incarnated as the 33rd form of the Lord.

“With His incarnation, people should become more refined in thought and be free from all ailments. Freed from famine and hunger, everyone should have sumptuous food to eat. Poverty should vanish and prosperity come in its place. Bestowing lasting fame and inexhaustible wealth, people should be blessed with all happiness and prosperity”. Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy has incarnated in response to these fervent prayers of the great ones.